If patient has epicanthus, which is the skin covers the inner corner of the eye, epicanthoplasty is necessary since the distance between eyes can look distant and feel stuffy.

Epicanthal folds are folds or wrinkles that covers the inner angle of the eyes and can be seen in more than 70% of Asians. As the folds cover the eyes, those with pronounced epicanthal folds may have eyes that appear small or crowded. Besides, epicanthal folds deep down in front of the eyes also give a strong or overly serious impression. Anterior slit surgery removes these folds, which can make your eyes look bigger and bigger than double eyelid surgery.

In case of single eyelid,
If you perform both epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty at the same time, the results will be even greater, and the epicanthoplasty will do the same.

In the past, W-shaped incision or Z-shaped incision were mostly adopted.

Now, Korean style hidden epicanthoplasty surgical method is adopted to hide the wound and make the scar not obvious.

Preoperative evaluation

The doctor will spread the covered inner canthus with fingers and observe the shape of the exposed eye.

Or use instruments to simulate the state after surgery.

When the inner canthus of the eye is located at this position, the ratio relative to the entire eye is more suitable.

If adjusted to this position, the red flesh will be exposed too much, and the eyes will appear too sharp.

Key points of epicanthoplasty

Point 1.

If only double eyelid surgery is performed, the crease will be incomplete.

The following figure shows the grading standard of inner flap (Mongolian fold).

It is mild at the top, moderate in the middle, and severe at the bottom, depending on the coverage of the medial part of the eye.

Point 2.

The operation will consider the length of the eye and the distance between the inner canthus.

If the distance between the inner canthus and the eye ratio is greater than 1.3 times, the ligament shortening operation of the inner canthus will be considered to make the ratio of the eye to the eye shape more perfect.

Epicanthoplasty Surgical Method

STEP 1Remove the excess skin.

STEP 2 : Relax the muscles with too much tension.

STEP 3 to 6 : If the eye distance is too wide can do internal ligament shortening surgery.

STEP 7 to 8 : The stitching of the wound should be very careful in order to get a perfect result.

Design of epicanthus and double eyelid

The design of the epicanthus and double eyelid crease will also determine how open the eyes are after surgery.

Of course, this is also related to the congenital width of the eye distance and the height of the root of the nose. Combined with rhinoplasty surgery, the effect of narrowing the eye distance and opening the inner corner is better.

1.Fully open inner corner and parallel double eyelids

2.Semi-open inner corner & half-moon double eyelid

3.Closed inner corner & open fan double eyelid (narrow medial side and wide lateral side)