Lower Eyelid Lowering Surgery

Complete the lovely eyes

Minimal incision of the conjunctiva part below the eye, which looks small and stuffy.

Pull down so that the lower eyelid can become a soft S-line.

With lateral canthoplasty, the extension of horizontal length of the eye and lower eyelid are made at the same time to make smoother looking eye.

It originated from Japan and is popular in Taiwan and Korea now

Because they like innocent eyes like “Lolita”, Japan has developed “round eye procedure” or “gorgeous eyeline“.

What is the Lower Eyelid Lowering surgery?

Similar to the upper eyelid eye lift surgery, the lower retractor and tarsus are strengthened to suture the lower eyelid, so that the lower eyelid is slightly lowered to expose more eyes. , Which makes the eyes rounder and bigger!

This kind of surgery is usually combined with the lateral canthoplasty surgery to multiply not only the effect of extend the lateral corner of the eye, but also the exposed part of the eye to the pupil or to the inner corner of the eye.

Synergy effect between lower eyelid surgery and lateral canthoplasty


1.the eye end rises, want to improve the eyes:

2.the face is asymmetry, the lower eyelid curvature is asymmetry causing the size of the eye

3.want to show more in the lower eye and make the eyes bigger

Simulate the degree of lower eyelid after lowering surgery

Left: in the original appearance

Medium: it is more appropriate to simulate the operation with instruments

Right: over correction

Lower eyelid lowering surgical method


the inferior constrictor muscle (capsulopalpebral fasia CSF) was carefully dissected from the conjunctiva and sutured with tarsus. The lower eyelid was pulled down to form S-shaped lower eye line.


Some people because their lower eyelid eyelashes are naturally curled inward. After the operation, they appear to have too much lateral lower eyelids. Some people may cause the risk of eyelashes inverted. At this time, the extra lower eyelids can be removed along the lower edge of eyelashes, and the inverted eyelashes can be corrected. At the same time, this step will also make the eyes show more, the eyes will show larger, and the eyelid wound is very subtle. Usually the scar is not obvious after the recovery period, but the extent of the final scar will vary depending on the personal constitution.