Sunken Supraorbital Treatment

Looking through fashion magazines, models with charming eyes can find that the upper eyelids are plump and tight, the double eyelid fold lines are obvious, and the eyes are bright and energetic!

Sunken eye sockets make people old

The most direct effect of sunken eye sockets is to give people tiredness, aging, lethargy or experiencing vicissitudes of life, depression, especially for some elderly subcutaneous tissue atrophy, fat loss, the bone outline will be obvious, and the visual will be more serious depression.

In addition, the sunken eye socket will also affect the appearance of the double eyelid. The sunken skin causes the skin to shrink upward, and the inner double eyelid will widen and form a triangular shape, showing a shape that is wide inside and narrow outside.

Therefore, sunken eye sockets will give people a lingering feeling of vicissitudes, oldness and fatigue! It is also difficult to use makeup or other methods to modify and cover up, so more and more people want to improve through medical aesthetics and plastic surgery.

The main causes of sunken eye socket

The main cause of sunken eye sockets stems from heredity and physique. Generally speaking, the congenital brow bones are more convex and the eye sockets will appear deeper. Westerners are more prone to sunken eye sockets. Asking about family history can also reveal that there are usually people in both parents’ families who have the same problems.

In addition, due to the poor concept of early eyelid surgery, some doctors will remove excess eye fat when performing double eyelid surgery. Although there is no immediate effect after the operation, with aging, it is easy to create sunken eye sockets after a few years. The look in his eyes is even more old.

In addition, some people are caused by drooping eyelids, causing redistribution of the eyelid tissue and excessive contraction of the prefrontal muscles, resulting in a depression in the upper eye socket. This condition must determine the severity of the ptosis so that the eyelid muscle can be surgically corrected, and the sunken upper eye socket will also be improved after the operation. If you rush to inject fat or hyaluronic acid, it will cause more serious eyelid drooping.

Treatment methods

 1. Fat injection

Although some doctors and medical papers emphasize the use of a small piece of fat taken from around the belly button and then divided into small fat globules for implantation of pearl fat grafts, the effect is better because it retains part of the blood vessel supply. However, because it is necessary to open another belly button wound and eyelid wounds are also large, fat injections are currently used; the fat filling position is under the eye wheel muscle and above the orbital diaphragm, and the correction effect is the best! At the same time, the preservation of the upper eye socket is relatively high, and now a slight over-correction is taken to shorten the time of postoperative eyelid swelling.

The fat is given priority to the outer thigh. Generally, the amount of replenishing the eye socket should not be too much. It can be carried out by sleeping anesthesia or local anesthesia. Generally speaking, one course of treatment is sufficient for patients with mild depressions, while severe depressions may require another fat injection. The need for fat supplements can be assessed again six months after the first injection.

The orbital lipoplasty surgery is relatively swollen in the first one to two weeks, and it is natural in one month. However, people who are prone to swelling will have some swelling after getting up in the morning. The fat survival rate is stable after about three to six months. It is not advisable to make too much fat in the eye socket at one time, otherwise it will cause the possibility of bubble eyes.

For those with narrow double eyelid creases or sagging upper eyelids, it is recommended to combine double eyelid surgery.

There are two reasons:

1. After fat injection, the tissues on the eye folds will be thicker and cover part of the width of the double eyelids. Make the eyelids narrower.

2. If you want to use fat injection to reach the same eyelid on both sides, it is easy to hit the fat too low near the crease. Because the eyelid is thinner here, it is easy to see irregular protrusion when closing the eyes, and it is unnatural!

2. Hyaluronic acid injection

The cause of the sunken upper orbital is atrophy and sunken fat tissue. The causes are genetic, aging or excessive surgical resection.

Fat tissue in the upper orbit, they do not change with weight, fat people will also have such a problem, not necessarily thin people will have socket depression.

Basically, the adipose tissue in the upper orbit is related to heredity and constitution. Some people not only have such problems themselves, but also have the same problems in their parents’ families when they ask about their family history.

Of course, bad living habits will aggravate its severity, such as habitual staying up late, drinking less water, unbalanced nutrition and so on.

The use of hyaluronic acid to fill the upper eye socket benefits, injection has immediate effect, less swelling, short recovery period, can be applied while playing, while observing its changes. According to Dr. Liu’s experience, depending on the degree of sunken eye socket, the appropriate dosage form of hyaluronic acid is selected. First, the deep sunken eye socket is filled, and then the shallow sunken fine lines are filled.

Of course, there are many blood vessels in the upper eyelid, and there are still risks of swelling, small bulges and blood stasis, but these conditions will improve over time. At the same time, it is clinically found that the maintenance time of filling the eye socket with hyaluronic acid is longer than that of other facial parts. Even with small molecule hyaluronic acid injection, the effect can last for more than a year.

But the injection of hyaluronic acid to fill the eye socket: the technical difficulty is high, it is recommended to choose experienced doctors carefully!! At the same time, the correction can not be excessive, with a micro blunt needle injection in the appropriate part, the action is gentle and even, in order to avoid bruising or uneven!!

However, it should be noted that the eyelids are easily swollen. In addition to the water absorption characteristics of hyaluronic acid, the injection volume should be conservative. The reinforcement can be observed after one to two weeks.