Eyebrow Lifting

What is Eyebrow Lift Surgery?

Simple double eyelid surgery

Is only suitable for the aging of the eyebrows sagging is not serious.

For eyebrows drooping is not serious, age is not too old, take simple double eyelid surgery, you can use the staple double eyelids high fixed point, the excess eyelids will be high, the eyes will also look more divine!

And the eyelids are more relaxed, it is recommended to use cutting way to trim the skin, the effect is more durable!

However, for the forehead and eyebrows seriously aging, only double eyelid surgery will appear old- and aggressive situation, eyebrow surgery can completely solve the aging of the eyebrows sagging.

For the cases of sagging and aging eyebrows, Dr. Liu adopted three techniques: sub-brow lift, forehead lift and tempolar lift.

① Sub-brow Lift

A sub-brow lift can build an energetic eye shape by pulling a sagging eyebrow upward.

Sub-brow lift is a type of eye surgery in Taiwan that reduces the loose skin under the eyebrow. Sometimes the middle-aged and senior patients, who have thicker skin around their eyelids, can end up unsatisfied with their double eyelid line surgery.

Droopy eyelids can lead to inflammation, or even infection, around the outer edges of eyelids after the surgery. Moreover, droopy eyelids and brows can interfere with one’s vision, the patients with this condition strain their eye muscles to open their eyes wider; the strain put on the eyes creates fine lines and wrinkles. This condition can be fixed through the sub-brow eye surgery.

Remove loose skin under the eyebrows according to personal condition, or combine to remove excess skin from both eyelids.

② Endotine Forehead lift Surgery

For younger and natural-looking distinctive eyes

If you excessively and repeatedly use your forehead muscles, then deep wrinkles are created on your forehead. Those who have deep forehead wrinkles look older than their actual ages. Plus, if you have slanted eyebrows, you may look depressed. In addition to these, if you have distinctive glabellar frown lines, you could give off a menacing look to others.

Endotine forehead lift is a surgery that lifts your sagging forehead skin so that your forehead wrinkles are diminished effectively and fundamentally.

In particular, Endotine forehead lift surgery that is operated by our special endoscope can minimize scarring, as our specialists assess every single part of a surgical area via an endoscope. Plus, we can conduct a safer operation through use of the endoscope as we can avoid facial paralysis or loss of sensation by neural damages.

Doctor Liu performed endoscopic eyebrow lifting surgery.

If a patient has an excessively broad forehead, we can perform a customized operation which can help to lower the patient’s hairline at the same time.

③ Tempolar Lift

Most of the eyelid sagging starts from the lateral side: the main reason is that the outer side of the eyebrow is not well supported and there is no strong lifting muscle. Therefore, most people will feel that the eye tail begins to droop after the age of 35.

For the patients who only have the canthus down and the eyebrow tail raised, it is suitable for temporal lifting operation. The incision is mostly in the hair (1.5-2 cm away from the hairline), but for those with high hairline, they can choose to be in front of the hairline to reduce the hairline height.

During the operation, the bremsstrahlung of the drooping eye tail was completely stripped with endoscope, and then the skin was lifted back and up to remove the excess part. The deep and shallow fascia and incision were sutured, and the wound was about 5-6cm.

Dissect the ligament of the drooping eye tail, lift it back and up and remove the excess skin.

After several double eyelid surgery, the tail of the eye is still drooping.
Lift eyebrow tail and eye tail by temporal lifting surgery.