Lying Silkworm Surgery

look adorable, gentle, and youthful.

The plump areas under the eyes, consisting of eye muscles,

are called “Lying Silkworm”.

Lying silkworm reduce the appearance of fine lines under the eyes and give them a cute and young appearance. Those who have small lying silkworm may appear older than they are.

As we age, the muscles under the eyelids begin to sag and the skin loses resilience. It may cause the areas under eyelids to look sunken. If you have small lying silkworm, you can augment them with the lying silkworm eye surgery. This can be achieved through procedures like artificial skin substitutes grafting or filler injection.

“Eye Bags? Lying Silkworm??What’s the difference?”

The position and shape of eye bags and lying silkworms are different.

“Lying silkworm” is often mistaken for “eye bags “. In fact, the positions and causes of the two are completely different. Lying silkworm is a 0.4-0.6cm band shaped bulge produced by the orbicularis oculi muscle during contraction, located just below the lower eyelashes, which makes the eyes look more three-dimensional and has the effect of enlarging the eyes.

Dr. Liu’s professional reminder

If there is an eye bag problem, the lying silkworm will appear more obvious after eye bag surgery.
It is recommended to consult with your doctor to discuss the suitable procedure for you.

How to make a lovely lying silkworm?

According to the implants, there are two kinds of common lying silkworm plasty: foreign materials and autologous materials.

Foreign materials: including injection of hyaluronic acid and surgical implantation of Goretex, artificial dermis, etc.

Autogenous material: it is the tissue that obtains from oneself, common for autogenous fascia, dermal fat, etc.

Hyaluronic Acid Lying Silkworm Injection

Injecting hyaluronic acid is the fastest and reversible way to produce lying silkworm. Because the skin under the eyes is thin and delicate, small molecule hyaluronic acid should be used for injection to avoid excessive hypertrophy of lying silkworm! At the same time, the technical threshold is high. To use hyaluronic acid to make a perfect lying silkworm line requires the doctor’s rich experience and skilled technology, and patients also need to fully cooperate.

Although the method of using hyaluronic acid to sculpt the lying silkworm is simple, this operation is more selective for the patient. The patient must be younger and the skin is tight. Only when the lying silkworm sculpture effect is better can it be achieved. If the patient with loose skin reluctantly beat the lying silkworm with hyaluronic acid, it is likely to produce edema and become like eye bags, and even cause chronic edema of the entire eye, which is unnatural.

Lying Silkworm Surgical Method

Extraneous tissue is surgically inserted to create an obvious shape of lying silkworm.

The implant was placed under the lower eyelid through a small incision less than 3 mm at the end of the eye. The scar after operation is very small, which is not easy to see by the naked eye. The effect of this method can be maintained for a long time , and it is firmer than the lying silkworm created by applying hyaluronic acid, and the effect of enlarging the eyes is more obvious. Artificial or autologous tissues can be implanted to create permanent lying silkworms.

STEP 1Consultation, determine your eye type and situation. Design lying silkworm that suit your face best.

STEP 2An incision of about 3mm is made bellow canthus of the eyes. Based on the decided shape of lying silkworm, the skin will be separated from the underlying tissue.

STEP 3:The customized implant is placed and stitches are added to finish the procedure.

I Will cosmetic clinic common materials

① Artificial dermal implant:Foreign materials

Now we use decellularized dermis, which is easy to use and natural, but expensive.

②Autologous dermal fat or fascia:Autogenous materials

Most of it is taken from the dermal fat of the thigh or deep temporal fascia; because there is a natural groove in the thigh, the temporal part is covered by hair and will not remain, but because the implant must be taken from the donor, the operation time will be the more common steps are also more troublesome.

 dermal fat of the thigh

autogenous fascia